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Dragon Heart Feng Shui
was formed by Master Tan Hup Cheng in years 2001 as a Feng Shui consultancy firm to offer full range of Feng Shui services, to fulfill the requests from many of his clients, who wanted to reap the benefits of wealth, health and relationships in their lives.

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Whether it’s to improve your health, love life or finances, Feng Shui has been incorporated as a way to do this. The method has worked for the Chinese people for many years. Since it has spread, people are curious to find out how it can help them. Our site has provided plenty of information to get your started on your journey to abundance and other things that can enhance your life.

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Having my Bazi reading by Master Tan has completely blew my mind off. In fact we didn’t know each other before when we first met, and he only requested my DOB & time I was born, 5 mins later, he passionately explained and described my personal characters that was amazingly accurate. One of the most impressive one is, he even explained so accurately about the woman I like, and guess what? That turned out to be at least 80% accuracy of my wife’s characters. This guy is awesome, you will never go wrong with him. :) Lester

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